Although FTR Race Management times and manages many events a year, we understand that it may not be in the budget of some events to utilize the full standard timing procedures. As a result, we provide a variety of rental equipment that can suffice to time your own event. We have race clocks, finish line setup, race numbers (bibs) and pins and safety cones and vests.

Race Clock
Comes with mounting stand and instructions
Clock is available as single-sided LED, double-sided LED or double-sided FLIP
The clock comes with a rechargeable 10 hour battery

Finish Line Setup
A standard finish line setup includes FINISH inflateable and signage, customized 28" cones equipped to string rope or flags for flexible finish chute design. 

Race Numbers/Bibs
Generic race bibs start can be provided for your event in any amount as we usually have several hundred in stock.
Bibs are available in Carolina Blue, navy blue or white and can be equipped with or without a pull-tag.
If you require a specific series of numbers, please allow 3 weeks for delivery. 
Boxes of safety pins are available per box of 1440.

Standard orange traffic safety cones are available for rent in 28" and 14" sizing
A one-size fits all traffic safety vest in bright orange is available for volunteers, course marshals, parking attendants, etc.

Water Station Equipment
Trash Bags
Water Coolers

If you are interested in renting any of our equipment or would like to know if we have other equipment available for rent, please email for availability.