FTR Race Management is the next solution to your triathlon events. For our triathlon services we use Chronotrack chip timing featuring the Tri-Tag on neoprene straps. As part of our triathlon services we are able to give you swim, bike, and run times and also the transition times for your participants. Whether a indoor or outdoor triathlon, lake swim, serpentine pool swim, time trial start or in-water start, we can handle them all with precision. As a backup system to our 99.7% read rate chip timing, we video record every timing mat in order to ensure every participant is delivered the times they earned. Through some of our partners we're also able to provide bike rack and fencing should your event need it.

Our Triathlon timing includes:
Tri-Tag chip timing on neoprene straps to provide comfort to the participant
Least invasive timing
Awards and results available instantaneously as participants finish
Customized detailed reports
Race day data entry provided
Final Results posted onsite within 15 minutes of last finisher
Results posted on website same day
Announcer Line - Allows announcer to annouce the participants as they come across a timing point such as the finish line inlcuding custom information (age, city, gender, interesting fact, race, wave, etc.)
Timing Points - Captures Swim, Bike, Run, T1, T2 and any other splits along the route (i.e. 10 mile split of a 20 mile bike)
Video backup of every split point
Triple Backup Finish System
"Net" Time for participants - participants time starts as the cross the start line and stops as they cross the finish line - the most true timing of a participants performance
Results and awards showing both "Gun" Time and "Net" Time available
Entire staff provided to handle finish, timing and results - no volunteers needed
Live streaming of results online*
Onsite live results* (provides instantaneously to participants splits and comparison of overall field, gender, age group and any custom bracket per split)
Text message and social media updates*
Athlete Video* - available at any timing point
Athlete Photography*
Online Registration - provided at no charge


If you are interested in pricing or would like to know more about these services, please email Samantha at